Off-Site Adoption Events

TAPS often takes dogs to locations within the community as an opportunity to socialize the animals and bring visibility to adoptable pets. Volunteers can be assigned a variety of tasks during off-site events from helping to set up the events to cleaning up from the events after they are over.  We need volunteers to work at our informational tables, collect donations, or help handle a dog.  When handling dogs at our off-site events, responsible handling is always our focus.  Dog handlers are asked to keep dogs a minimum of 6 feet away from each other, monitor their body language for comfort of situation, and interact with the public to answer questions about the dog you are handling.  At off-site events, our volunteers are the face of TAPS, and are serving as a representative of our organization.  We ask that you conduct yourself professionally and always keep the safety of our animals as your first priority at off-site events.