ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - Library Service Program

Goal:   With some experiencing access barriers into the community, this City of Greater Sudbury community service partnership enables local access to services to be brought directly to residents/patients within the site and enable stimulating in-house opportunities in the provision of literary and literacy material choice in the signing in/out of a variety of audio/visual books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and talking books in the unique subject/title/author interest and language of choice. This service encourages improving resident/patient cognitive awareness and over all wellbeing.  We encourage residents/patients to use this service made possible through the CGS Public Library, ‘Home Bound Services’ and St. Joseph’s Health Centre.


-To provide services that include selection and choice: offering the signing in/out of appropriate books, audio/visual material, DVD, CD’s, picture books, and talking books, in the unique subject/title/author interest and language of choice respectively to suit the person’s individual ability level, needs and interests.
-To encourage participation that can increase cognitive awareness and sensory stimulation.
-To encourage participation of residents/patients that promotes relaxation in a calm environment that helps to decrease anxiety and reduce agitation.
-To support and encourage residents/patients in reaching their individual goals, and full potentials.

- Contributes to a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment

General Guideline for use of the SJHC Library Service includes;

Familiarizing the routine process for bi-weekly service rounds for residents/patients as well as Sudbury Public Library Bi-monthly ordering and book exchange.


-To meet with the Greater Sudbury Public Library Volunteer Driver on a bi-monthly basis for book exchange.

-Identifying residents/patients who may choose to participate in the regular service.
-Sign in/ out library materials to residents/patients room to room on a bi-weekly routine library rounds schedule.

-Recording resident/patient individual needs and interests related to the Library Service materials, and/or materials requested for the next coming library material order and exchange.

- To maintain a log of borrowed materials in the Library Services Binder.   Ensure library materials are returned in good condition and in a timely manner.
-Ensure all Library materials are properly packed for bi-monthly book exchanges. 

When:  Bi-weekly Saturdays from 1:15pm - 3:15pm