i. St. Joseph's Villa - Friendly Visits Program - 1 to 1 Person Centered Engagement Program

Program Name: Friendly Visits (1 to 1 Person Centered Engagement Program)

Program Description:   One to One visits are centered on contributing towards the unique needs, abilities and interests of patients in fulfilling the social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual needs and support through purposeful and meaningful experiences in their everyday lives. Promoting and encouraging as much independence and self-care as possible in comfort, compassion and care, those volunteers assist our holistic based team oriented practices and standards in supporting these health and wellness goals.

Where: St. Joseph's Villa

When: Visiting Program varies depending on the availability of volunteers and needs/responses of current resident population. 

Volunteer Role:

  • going on indoor or outdoor walks,
  • going for visits to the healing gardens,
  • sending letters or emails to a loved one,
  • computer use,
  • reading books,
  • looking at photographs,
  • reflecting on memories,
  • scrapbooking,
  • accompanying residents to various activities within the St. Joseph's Site,
  • playing board games, puzzles, cards etc, at the person's individual ability level, etc.

Volunteers are welcomed to join us on a routine schedule that best suits their schedule throughout the week and must have a sincere desire to work with residents of a variety of interests, personalities and ability levels, have an understanding of the aging process through provided orientation and program specific training, involving the person centered approaches to meeting individual needs of our residents' wellness goals.