ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - Guardian Angel Program

Service Name: Guardian Angel Program

Where: St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre

When: As needed.

Goal: To provide assistance to residents who are at 'End Of Life', (30% of less on the Palliative Performance Scale).

Program Desciption:  The Guardian Angel Program affirms life and emphasizes dying as a natural process that is neither hastened nor postponed.  End of Life Care at St. Joseph's Health Centre respects each individual's right to die with dignity and peace. 

End of Life training is provided, please inquire through Volunteer Services for more information about this program.

Volunteer Role:

  • Guardian angel volunteers sit with patients who are at the end of life stage when family members need to attend to other matter.
  • Volunteers are also needed to crochet angels that are placed on doors at end of life.