ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - Eucharistic Ministry/Communion

Service Name: Eucharistic Ministry/Communion

Location: St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre

When: Volunteers will minister as Eucharistic Ministers to provide communion to the patients at St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre.

Volunteers must be a recognized and trained Eucharistic Minister, and be active in their parish.  A letter must be provided by the parish priest to confirm volunteer is a trained Eucharistic Minister.


  • A list of patient's names who wish to receive communion will be available when you come in weekly.  You can make any notes for information you believe the Chaplain/Spiritual Health Practitioner may need to minister to this patient.  This patient list is available through the Chaplain/SHP.
  • Consecrated hosts are available through the Chaplain/SHP.  Ensure that communion is distributed as soon as it is received and returned as soon as the last person received communion.
  • If you are unable to come in for your shift, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can have time to find a replacement.
  • The volunteer will check off from the list the patients who received communion, and this list will be given to the Chaplain/SHP or placed under the department office door.
  • This program is directed by our Chaplain/SHP.