ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - Up and Move! Walking Program

  • Goal:   To assist in sustaining the rehabilitative outcome achieved from the inpatient rehabilitation program by maintaining regained strength and independence throughout the patient’s admission.



    • To encourage patients to increase walking and strengthening throughout their admission at SJCCC. 
    • To establish feedback mechanism for gathering patient’s willingness to Up and Move through this walking program once cleared from Nursing Restorative/Clinical Nursing Engagement prior to discharge.
    • To instill continual Up and Move philosophy as part of one’s own independent life through inspirational engagement to carry through after the discharged patient’s transitional period back into the community.
    • To contribute to continuous quality improvement within the rehabilitation program by collecting feedback from persons served.



    1. The Volunteer Coordinator (VC) will:
    • Recruit appropriate volunteers from the community interested in  increasing opportunities for patients to reach their goals related to mobility and ultimate discharge back to the community.  The VC will promote the program and focus recruitment strategies on programs and students studying in the fields of: Kinesiology, OTA/PTA, Health Promotions, Recreational Leisure, Gerontology, Recreational Fitness and Leisure, Sport Psychology. 
    • Screen new community recruits for appropriateness to enter in the program based on their learning goals, interests, background or expertise during the time of application and interview. 
    • Provide the new Volunteer with training and education to include:
    • Overall organizational registration, general orientation, overview of policies as well as the SJCCC Site and tool locations with introductions to key point of contact staff.
    • Instructional Guidelines on the program, including how to safely walk with a patient.  Emphasis will be placed on the availability of nursing staff should the volunteer encounter any issues related to the patient in our care as a measure of urgency or immediate follow up required during program hours.  Any other program questions can be directed to the VC via email, phone extension, or in person at any time.


    1. Patients: 
      • Two Therapy Team Leads (1 for each North and South halls) are designated as leads for patient referrals to this program.  The team leads will assess and refer patients patients deemed low risk and appropriateness for additional walking time with trained volunteers in this program during evening and weekend shifts.  The patient referral list will be updated by the floor designate leads once weekly to add or remove patients as appropriate to their current status.  (Fridays).  Volunteers trained in this program will access the referral list during program hours weekly. 
    • Patients approved for appropriateness in this program will be engaged by the trained ‘Up and Move! Walking Program’ volunteer to be engaged and inspired to get Up and Moving, as part of maintaining active healthy well-being after discharge, maintaining strength ongoing as part of preventing falls/injury/further hospitalization.  In this program, the patient could be engaged to: walk down the hall to the dining room, to the healing garden, to their feet to explore the activities and on goings of the daily life of the site, to visit other sections of the site they have not yet seen, explore in building, potentially visit and meet other patients.


    1. The Registered Volunteer, once trained in this program, will:
    • Sign In on the SJCCC Better Impact Software under the ‘UP and Move! Walking Program’
    • Be given access to the master Patient Tracking List via Tablet when coming on shift located on 1st floor.
    • Follow the Patient Tracking List identifying which patients to walk with the following schedule: 

    * In order to determine which patients to walk with, follow these directions:

    - Patients who have been walked on prior days of the week will be highlighted in green.

    - Patients who have refused to walk on prior days of the week will be highlighted in red.

    - Patient who were not available will be highlighted in grey.

    - Patients who were not walked (i.e. due to time restrictions) will be left blank/white.

    * When coming in for your shift, begin with patients who have not been walked. Then proceed with the other patients.


    • Volunteers complete the outcome column of the tracking sheet after each patient visit.  SAVE the document each time they document the visit outcome. 
    • REPORT: Any communication clinical nursing staff should be aware regarding the patient, including any unusual issues/concerns they may have encountered.
    • Ensure the tracking sheet is saved and lock the screen at all times when not in use.
    • Sign Out on the SJCCC Better Impact Software under the ‘UP and Move! Walking Program’ before leaving for the day.


    Risk Management: Low Risk

    • Volunteers will be provided with organizational registration, orientation as well as program specific training including: instruction on accurate data collection and program instructional guidelines for program use.



    • Number of Volunteers and Hours Contributed to Patients in the Program per month by the Volunteer Coordinator.
    • Volunteers will be provided with Evaluation Surveys during initial trial year to assist Management involved in program development for SJCCC in determining effectiveness of ‘Up and Move! Walking Program’ on its patients’ outcome and/or identify areas for improvement.