ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - Assistance for Purchases on Behalf of Patients

Service Name: Assistance for Purchases on Behalf of Patients

Description: In keeping with our preferential option for the poor and the core value of Dignity, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre respects the inherent dignity and worth of every person and responds to the unmet needs of those we serve in caring for body, mind and spirit.

When/ Where:  From time to time a patient may require new clothing, toiletry articles or other basic needs. If such items are essential for the continued well-being of the patient and if family members or friends are not available to purchase for them, a request for assistance can be submitted to Volunteer Services by the social worker.


1. If the patient is capable, they will make the necessary arrangements with family, friends, or other to obtain needed items.

2. If the patient is not capable (cognitively and/or physically), nursing staff will contact the patient's representatives to have them make arrangements for the needed items. If the patient does not have any representatives, a referral can be made to the Social Worker.

3. The Social worker will work with the patient and/or the nursing staff to develop a list of required items.

4. The Social Worker will determine the source of the funds and assist in securing the appropriate funding.

5. The Social Worker will submit a Special Needs request if this source of funding is identified.

6. The Social Worker will submit a request to the Volunteer Coordinator.

7. The Volunteer Coordinator will seek an available volunteer and supply him/her with the itemized list and the funds supplied by the Social worker.

8. The Volunteer will return the purchased items, all receipts and any remaining cash or gift cards to the Volunteer Coordinator who will then return these items to the Social Worker.