ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - Post Discharge Barthel Index Calling Program

Goal:   To assess the durability of the outcomes achieved from the comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation program received at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre.


  • To collect long-term, follow-up information on the persons served to establish patient wellness outcomes post discharge: 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after discharge date through discharged patient’s transitional period back into the community.
  • To establish feedback mechanism for gathering information which identifies supports that may have better improved the quality of life outcome for the patient.
  • To maintain overall best and continuous quality improvement practices within the rehabilitation program based on feedback collected from persons served.
  • To identify patient outcomes measures on an ongoing basis.


  1. The Volunteer will undergo training and education:
  • Overall organizational registration, general orientation, overview of policies as well as the SJCCC reception office (if this is the office area chosen to be stationed within for the weekly calling program hours) by the Volunteer Coordinator,
  • Barthel Index Calling Program specific training will be provided. 
  • Instructional Guidelines and assistive personnel are available to the volunteer during their weekly program hours ongoing.