Communications - Content/ Data / Web

The Communications and Marketing team at WAAC is responsible for all internal and external promotion, including but not limited to: social media, websites, written articles and media releases, newsletters, advertising, design, videography and photography. Volunteers who are interested in and / or have experience with any of the above are welcomed.


  • Interest or studying Communications and Marketing.
  • Has weekday availability during business hours, and/or early evening Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Has an open-mind, non-judgemental attitude and enthusiasm,

Volunteers who work in the Communications department will gain a number of skills, such as:

  • Using website, video context, social media and Prezi.
  • Experience with digital projects and presentations.


  • Fortnightly to weekly shifts in order to maintain competency.
  • Project based – 2 to 8 weeks
  • Shifts are negotiable and generally half-day (3-4 hrs) once or twice a fortnight, but can be more or less based on the volunteer’s availability.
  • Volunteer from home may be negotiable/optional.


  • Volunteer Information Session
  • Screening / Interview
  • HIV 101 workbook
  • One day Introductory workshop
  • Ongoing training as required.