M-Clinic - Clinical


M Clinic is a peer-led and community-based HIV, STI and BBV screening clinic for gay and bisexual men, trans people and non-binary people who have sex with each other. The service provides treatment for STI’s, viral hepatitis and HPV vaccination, peer education and referrals to its clients. Nested within M Clinic is LinQ Medical, a Medicare-billing PrEP (HIV prophylaxis) prescribing service for people who are or perceive themselves at risk of acquiring HIV. 




  • Currently registered as a Nurse or Medical doctor.
  • Weekday availability during business hours, an/or early evening Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Able to commit to training, particularly in sexual health testing of GHAM.
  • Has an open-mind, non-judgemental attitude and enthusiasm.



  • Fortnightly to weekly shifts in order to maintain competency.
  • Shifts are negotiable and generally half-day (3-4 hrs) once or twice a fortnight, but can be more or less based on the volunteer’s availability.




  • Successful completion of WAAC Volunteer Introductory Training.
  • Training in M Clinic clinical duties, including but not limited to, sexual health testing of asymptomatic GHAM, use of Best Practice clinical software, HIV risk reduction counselling.
  • Ongoing training as required.




Volunteers who work in the M Clinic Program will gain a number of skills, such as:


  • Skills and abilities in gay men’s sexual health history taking, testing and management.
  • Verbal communication skills with patients.
  • Skills and abilities in medical file management.
  • Skills and abilities in Best Practice medical software.
  • An understanding of HIV, STI’s and BBV’s in the context of GHAM.