Community Science Volunteer

Position Title: Community Science Volunteer

Position Category: Animal Care & Conservation (50 hours/year service requirement)



To engage with Zoo staff and guests in a variety of community science projects hosted at the Zoo and within our community, supporting the Zoo’s participation in local and global wildlife and habitat conservation.



  • Clock in/out for every shift
  • Report to designated supervisor at the beginning of the shift
  • Assist Education Staff with a variety of community science projects, including but not limited to:
    • Participating in trainings related to projects like Caterpillars Count!, FrogWatch, City Nature Challenge, Monarch Watch, and more
    • Collecting data for projects on-site and off-site using digital and manual equipment
    • Once trained, leading small groups of other volunteers in data collection
    • Participating in off-site outreach opportunities highlighting community science at the Zoo


Prerequisite Service: Entry Level (0+ Hours)



  • Must complete general zoo orientation and any project-specific training modules prior to first shift
  • Must complete Community Science Training Module and applicable project-specific trainings
  • Complete on-the-job training of duties listed



  • Volunteer Programs Staff
  • Human Resources Manager