Trail Host Interpreter

Position Title: Trail Host Interpreter

Position Category: Education & Interpretation (80 hours/year service requirement)


To enhance the visitor’s understanding and appreciation of the zoo, animals, and conservation as an on-the-grounds interpreter. Will interact directly with the public by sharing knowledge and providing excellent customer service to all visitors, utilizing visuals, biofacts, and conversation.


  • Clock in/out for every shift
  • Trail host in Asia, Africa, World of Reptiles and/or North America/ZooFarm
  • Present biofacts and visuals to visitors
  • Answer visitor questions about the zoo or animals
  • Maintain an active, working knowledge of the zoo and our animals, to include pertinent conservation messaging
  • Attend regular Trail Host meetings and other continuing education offerings to maintain and build upon interpretive skills

Prerequisite Service: Entry Level (0+ Hours)


  • Must complete general zoo Orientation Training, Interpretation 101 (Basics of Interpretation) and 102 (Conservation Messaging) and required Online Modules with Volunteer Programs Staff
  • Complete on-the-job training of duties listed, including three onboarding shifts before becoming qualified
  • Must complete at least one Trail Host shift every three months


  • Volunteer Programs Staff
  • Curator of Education
  • Human Resources Manager