5 - CHINATOWN CITY-LED CLEANUPS - Chinatown Cleanup - 2023-06-10

Join us for a litter cleanup around Chinatown on Saturday June 10 from 9am-12pm to keep the neighbourhood looking spectacular! This event will be in partnership with the Chinatown BIA's annual cleanup event, and will feature an opening ceremony and different community booths

You can look for our table setup at the Chinatown Plaza, 106 Keefer St. We will provide equipment such as gloves, litter pickers or tongs, and garbage bags, but you are also welcome to bring your own. Please be sure to review the Safety Guidelines


  1. Click the "Fill in an application" button
  2. If you are an existing volunteer, enter your username and password and click agree. Fill in information and photo consent form (if the fields are not already populated).
  3. If you are a new volunteer, create an account and fill in any relevant information. 

For volunteers who have previously participated one of our three cleanup programs (neighbourhood cleanup party, adopt a block, city hosted cleanups), you can login to your MyImpact account using your email. If you have not previously logged in, click "forgot my password" and reset your password. 


Once you've signed up, you will receive a message on your browser saying "confirmed"  You will NOT receive a confirmation email, but we will send out a reminder email closer to the date of the event. If you do not see that message, please check your Opportunities Tab on the MyImpact website to confirm that you're signed up or assigned. Beside the Activity, there is further information about the event if you click on .

If you are joining as a group, please have everyone fill out their individual application forms unless you are a family with children under 18 in which case the entire family can share an account. 

Make sure you fill out the photo consent form. New participants can fill it out via the application form. Existing participants can check whether or not they have an existing consent form filled out under "my profile" > "additional info" > "photo consent and email preferences". If you have not yet filled one out you can download the consent form from the home page or by clicking the link attached to the button beside the photo consent upload button. 

If you still have trouble signing up, please call our office 604.871.6443 or email cleanup@vancouver.ca

Volunteer spots are limited and are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your participation.