TPCHF - Charlies Angels - Cognitive Assessment and Management Unit (CAM)

As a ‘Companion Angel’ we would be grateful if you could build relationships with patients and their visitors by providing encouragement, friendship and support, in  partnership with the staff of The Prince Charles Hospital, through targeted activities and social engagements.

The Cognitive Assessment and Management Unit (CAM) provide quality evidence based nursing, medical and allied health therapy to the patients living with complex dementia. Sub-acute assessment and management is undertaken in a secure setting for patients with complex cognitive impairment and behavioral alteration associated with the psychological and behavioral symptoms of dementia. The goal in CAM is to optimise the level at which the patient can function using behaviour management strategies, medication(s) and a secure environment. From this it is hoped to be able to facilitate returning the resident to their family and home environment in a supported way, or we will assist with planning for placement in an appropriate Aged Care facility.

CAM operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is located in the Extended Care and Palliative Care Building.


Volunteer shifts for CAM are 10am – 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Qualifications Required

  • Blue Card Must be Yes
  • Charlie's Angels Family Member Must be Yes
  • Criminal History Check Must be Yes
  • Media Consent Form Must be Yes