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Contact Names: Caroline JB, Rachel Holmes, Andrew Varney or Jos Clark (via the Facebook group)

About Arnos Court Park

Located just off the Bath Road in Brislington, Arnos Court Park is a wonderfully varied green habitat, with plenty of space for walking, seating for contemplation, a play area and BMX jump track for families, and a wooded area including a 150-year-old cedar.

Friends of Arnos Court Park is a group set up for local residents to celebrate, promote and protect this beautiful local park, and it aims to build on the work done by its predecessor the Arnos Park Action Group. We aim to maintain and protect the area as a green sanctuary for local residents, and to enhance it as a space for wildlife.

We are drawing up an ecology plan and will be working with the council to implement some of our ideas, which include fruit tree planting, space for wildflowers and denser hedging, a dew pond and potentially a bog garden.

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