Bee Me Kidz


Bee Me Kidz was started because we care passionately about making sure that every child, no matter what economic status they were born into, has the skills they need to succeed at school and in life.
Bee Me Kidz partners with parents, families, schools and communities to implement a four-pronged approach to building children’s and their families’ learning potential and resiliency through:
  1. A weekly 4-hour play and learning program that includes a proven social/emotional learning component and family brunch.
  2. Boosting children’s nutritional status by providing healthy, wholesome meals during the program and a monthly basket of fruits and vegetables plus healthy recipes for families.
  3. A parent education component that enhances parents’ ability to support their children’s social and emotional needs at home as well as their own well-being.
  4. Free babysitting for siblings during the parents support component.

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Mission Statement


To inspire and support at-risk children to be “the best Me they can Bee”.


A Canada where disadvantaged children are empowered, families strengthened and communities transformed.