Volunteer Position Qualifications, Skills, & Abilities: Clerical Volunteers are responsible for helping with office work and various non-labor intensive tasks. These may include, but are not limited to, scanning documents, making copies, stuffing envelopes, completing research, and putting together packages.


This position does not require significant physical exertion or the ability to travel or talk for long periods of time. Most tasks can be completed indoors.


Minimum age requirement: 18 years old


Time Commitment & Scheduling:  Volunteers must commit to at least 12 months with a minimum of 30 hours of service per year, which may be split between different volunteer roles. Clerical Volunteer opportunities are available year-round.


Volunteer Screening Process: Those interested in volunteering must complete a volunteer application. After an interview, potential volunteers must provide proof of being up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations, including initial doses (1- or 2-dose varieties) and all eligible boosters, and may need to pass a background check.


Volunteer Supervision: Clerical Volunteers report directly to the Education Manager, though other staff members may participate in training and supervision.


Volunteer Training Process: Those chosen to become Clerical Volunteers must attend one of the quarterly Volunteer Orientation Days. Upon completion, they will be given ongoing training during the course of their volunteering time, either by a staff member or a long-time volunteer familiar with the assigned task. If any training needs to be conducted prior to a particular task, the Education Manager will reach out to either schedule a training day or notify of training material available online. If a volunteer has limited access to the internet, a printed copy of training materials can be provided upon request.


Personal Appearance/Dress Code: Clerical Volunteers will be provided a blue Endangered Wolf Center t-shirt to wear during their shifts. Additional t-shirts are available for purchase. Closed-toe shoes and pants or jeans are required for this position, provided they do not have significant rips or tears. Long sleeves may be worn under uniform shirts and jackets, coats, and vests may be worn as long as they are plain and do not contain wording (small, unobtrusive brand logos are acceptable). Endangered Wolf Center branded jackets are acceptable. Plain or Endangered Wolf Center hats may be worn.