Residential Home Beautification and Maintenance

If you enjoy a sense of satisfaction maintaining and cleaning a home or yard or gardening, you can play an important role in our mission to improve the lives of children, adults and families impacted by mental health and substance use disorders!

Arundel Lodge has many beautifying and maintenance projects at any of our 32 Residential homes in the community.  The homes need to be periodically refreshed to fulfill the promise of making these spaces as warm, welcoming and functional as they should be.  These projects can include painting, gardening, electrical and plumbing work, or other such projects. 

Many individuals have spent a good portion of their adult lives in the Arundel Lodge residence.  So these spaces truly become their homes.  Improving these spaces not only aids in the recovery process of individuals, but can also help to reduce stigma within the community and even glean support for residents.

Arundel Lodge We seek volunteers interested devoting their time and talents on a project specific basis. We will work with your schedule!