Volunteering with CCADT

Here you will find information on volunteer opportunities available to support our mission of saving animal lives during disasters.  Even though many of you will sign up to be disaster responders, there are additional areas that are just as important that we need assistance to keep CCADT running smoothly.    

Check out the different positions by clicking on the position heading (i.e. Disaster Responder, Preparedness Educator, etc.).  Please read the information and if you decide that the position is a good fit for you, click on  "FILL IN AN APPLICATION". 

If you have any questions about our organization or the application process,  please feel free to email us at applicant@ccadt.org.  Thank you!


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As a disaster responder, you will assist emergency responders, American Red Cross, and animal owners to help save companion pets, livestock, and equine during disasters.  Upon request, we provide these services in seven counties:  evacuation, emergency animal sheltering, search and rescue of lost animals, coordinating medical care for injured or ill animals, and animal reunification with owner.  Please fill out the application in its entirety.  Thank you!


Do you like meeting our people in our community?  If yes, then becoming a Disaster Preparedness Educator may be for you.  We participate in many community events to educate disaster preparedness for household pets, livestock, and equine.  Tasks may include:

  • Set up CCADT's informational booth at community events and distribute  information on disaster preparedness
  • Be a speaker at the request of organizations (i.e. Rotary Clubs, schools, etc.)
  • Assist in developing educational materials (works with Marketing Unit)


We need volunteers to keep CCADT operating at its highest level year-round.  Disaster response may primarily be during the summer months, but there are important administrative areas to be served.  Opportunities include

  • Program development
  • Organizing animal shelter forms
  • Maintaining databases
  • Clerical assistance

If you have past experience with MS Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc., then become a member of our administrative team.  


  • The Logistical Response Management function is critical to keep CCADT "ready to roll" during deployments.  Volunteers will report to the Logistics Manager.   Your help is needed to:
  • Keeps response trailers organized
  • Update inventory of equipment & supplies
  • Keeps CCADT storage units organized
  • Keep track of supplies that need to be ordered
  • Update the animal forms containers


The Marketing/Publicity Unit seeks new avenues to provide information to the public on CCADT and disaster preparedness.  These functions include: 

  • Developing print materials on disaster preparedness for companion animals, livestock, and equine.
  • Keeping CCADT website updated (Wordpress platform)
  • Organizing collateral materials to be distributed to the public (i.e. pet emergency bags)

The Publicity function includes:

  • Writing and producing a monthly electronic newsletter 
  • Writing and distributing media releases
  • Writing public service announcements for electronic and social media
  • Updating CCADT's social media sites


The CCADT is solely funded through donations and grants.  The Resource Development unit seeks opportunities for financial support,  establish community partnerships, and to develop new programs that can benefit our communities animals.

Our Mission

“To mitigate the loss of human and animal lives by providing disaster response assistance for displaced animals during natural and human-caused disasters in Central California; to promote the prevention of cruelty to animals; and to foster the human-animal bond."