Women's Emergency Care (WEC) Volunteer

As a Women's Emergency Care Volunteer, you will support the Emergency Care clinical team in playing a vital role in ensuring that patient’s experience of our care is warm, approachable, friendly, compassionate and professional. You will be involved in a wide range of supportive services ranging from wayfinding and/or escorting patients to other appointments, to supporting patients and their families to be as comfortable as possible whilst they are waiting in the Emergency Department.

We ask WEC Volunteers to commit to a rostered shift of 4 hours per week, within the following times:

Monday to Sunday 2pm to 6pm
Monday to Sunday 6pm to 10pm

Activities will include:

  • Greeting people as they enter the waiting room and guiding them to their destination.
  • Establishing rapport with staff so that they know when you are on shift and available.
  • Responding to requests from Women’s Emergency to help a patient or family member find their way.
  • Being available to push wheelchairs for people with mobility needs.
  • Contributing to waiting room comfort, e.g. supporting patients to access bathrooms, providing patients with food or water.
  • Contributing to patient comfort when waiting in a cubicle space, e.g. providing patients and or their families with food and water.
  • Providing comfort and support to women and their families