Care of gift flowers and newspaper Volunteer

To assist with the upkeep of patients' flowers and sell newspapers.


  • Sign in at front desk and collect the storeroom key. If you have a bag or jacket you can put it under front reception desk.
  • Ask Café staff for 6 newspapers to sell to patients – don’t give credit – and take unsold papers and money back to the Café when you have finished.
  • Go to storeroom and take out the trolley which should have 2 water bottles with sprays, cloth and small white towels for washing and drying vases. Vases and detergent are in cupboards in Pan Rooms.
  • Go to each ward. Spray flowers, as the air conditioning dries them out, remove dead flowers and most importantly, change water in vases as it gets very smelly! Add 1-2 teaspoons of bi-carb to the water as it helps to keep the water and flowers fresh. You may need to fill the oasis (green block the florists use) in flower arrangements as they dry out quickly. Don’t forget to check the flowers on the ward reception desks.