Community Visitors Scheme

The objective of the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is to provide one on one volunteer visitors to residents of Australian Government subsidised aged care homes who are socially isolated and whose quality of life would be improved by friendship and companionship.

We commit to:

  • visiting our resident at least once per fortnight
  • spending time doing something we enjoy or just providing quiet companionship
  • sharing a walk if the resident is able
  • taking the resident on an outing, with permission
  • exercising duty of care
  • informing the Coordinator, Volunteer Services of any concerns or if you are unable to continue
  • signing the attendance register each visit

The following video is from a Webinar presented by the Older Persons Advocacy Network. If you fast forward to 14:49 minutes, there is a heartwarming clip sharing the impact of the Community Visitors Scheme.