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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with HIAS in Greater Washington DC. If you are located outside of the DC metro area, please click here to be connected to volunteer opportunities across the United States.

We are currently only onboarding direct service volunteers who are fluent in Spanish, French, Russian, Ukranian, Dari, Pashto, or Amharic. If this applies to you, or if you are fluent in another language, please email dcvolunteer@hias.org

We regularly announce volunteer opportunities via our monthly newsletter, including dates for general volunteer onboarding and volunteer activities without a language requirement. Please create your basic profile on Better Impact in order to stay up to date with opportunities to volunteer with HIAS in the greater DC area. You can find more information about available volunteer roles below.

Volunteer opportunities for individuals in the DC area include:

Long term volunteer roles

  • Mentors work one-on-one with HIAS clients, acting as a cultural liaison and providing varied types of support as asylum seekers learn how to navigate healthcare, education, and public transportation systems.
  • English Language Partners help clients build conversational English skills that allow them to communicate more fluently with their neighbors, employers, and service providers.

Short term volunteer roles

  • Special Project Volunteers work one-on-one with HIAS Legal Services and Asylee Outreach Project (AOP) clients on goal-oriented, shorter-term projects. Each project is unique – volunteers may help a client apply for a replacement social security card, review a resume, submit job applications, or navigate a specific affordable housing challenge. Projects vary in length from a few days to several weeks.

Other volunteer roles

  • Volunteer Interpreters and Translators are regularly needed to assist with remote interpretation and translation needs that support our asylum-seeking clients’ legal case and social integration.
  • Social Service Volunteers work with our social service department to create, update, and expand our resource guides for clients. Guides help clients easily access resources in the DMV, including housing, financial, medical, and job placement assistance across multiple counties.
  • Volunteer Letter Writers write monthly correspondence to asylum seekers in immigration detention offering them compassion and solidarity.

For group volunteering inquiries, questions, or accommodations, please contact our volunteer program manager at caroline.wolinsky@hias.org.

Thanks again for your interest. We look forward to connecting with you!

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Mission Statement

HIAS rescues people whose lives are in danger for being who they are. We protect the most vulnerable refugees, helping them build new lives and reuniting them with their families in safety and freedom. Guided by our Jewish values and history, we bring more than 130 years of expertise to our work with refugees.