William Morris Gallery Young Producers

Mission Statement

Who are the William Morris Gallery Young Producers?

The William Morris Gallery Young Producers are a group of 16 to 25 year old's who collaborate with the William Morris Gallery  to produce, curate, organise and host events  young people at the Gallery.  

The group meets twice a month throughout the year to discuss and plan for future projects. The Young Producers also get the opportunity work with artists and creative professionals and visit exhibitions across London. The Young Producers are currently working in collaboration with Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019, on Creative Pathways. Creative Pathways is a series of networking events for young people interested in a career within the Arts.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in joining the William Morris Gallery Young Producers, please complete the application form and simply tell us who you are and why you would like to join.

This application does not commit you to anything, you will be invited to a taster session to meet some of the current members of the Young Producers and to see if you would like to join.

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