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Volunteer Opportunities

Cudworth Health Centre Entertainment Provider

Provider volunteers provide mental, social, emotional, and physical stimulation to residents
Group choirs, bands, individual piano players, piano/guitar recitals, performances, dance groups, school entertainment, old time dancing groups, hymn sing, story tellers.
Shifts vary dependent upon group availability:  Weekly shifts available, Monday to Friday mornings and afternoons. 

Cudworth Health Centre - Recreation Associates

The Recreation Associate assists with various activities at the site. They encourage client's participation in activities. 

Recreation Associate are the extra pair of "helping hands" that add to the trained services of the Long-term care facility staff, working together to enhance the lives of residents

Activities include, but are not limited to:  Reading groups, puzzles, games, bingo, nail painting, going for walks, group painting, crafts, exercise programs, and special events like Christmas parties and teas. Birthday parties, volunteer group outings. Church services, and bingo evenings. 

Shifts available are on Wednesdays.   

Meals on Wheels Associate - Various locations

Meals on Wheels Volunteers deliver nutritious meals to clients assessed as needing support with nutrition.


Personal accomplishment, develop and enhance communication skills, learn new job skills & obtain a work routine, being involved & giving back to community.


Volunteer picks up meals at given time from the outlet and delivers to client in their home. 


Shifts vary, delivery over lunch time hours. 


Locations Include:  Cudworth, Duck Lake, Rosthern, Wakaw  

Cudworth Nursing Home = Youth Volunteer Associate

Youth Volunteer Program                                                                             

Youth Volunteers provide an intergenerational contact between youth and the elderly. The program supports the ongoing personal development of youth volunteers as they learn to become comfortable and responsible for their volunteer duties in a long term care setting.    It is an opportunity to allow youth to develop an interest in the health care profession while assisting the long term care employees and to experience first hand the different health care roles for future consideration.          

Shifts available Tuesdays 3 -4:30 pm                                                                      

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