Canine Companion - Stratford


Position: Canine Companion

Reports to: Volunteer Coordinator (indirectly) Canine Specialist (directly)

Location: 125 Griffith Rd, Stratford


Position Summary:

The purpose of this job is to train, socialize, and exercise our adoption dogs, maintaining their wellbeing while in a shelter environment.



  • Responsible for dog training techniques and procedures adhering to positive reinforcement training.
  • Record observations about each dog, including health or behavioural concerns.
  • Assist Animal Care Staff with the general care of each dog including cleaning or feeding.
  • Ensure safety measures and KWHS policies are implemented at all times
  • Leave dog kennel free of feces and tidy before returning dog to kennel.
  • Responsible for returning all equipment used during session.



  • Previous experience with canine and positive reinforcement training
  • Ability to work with little to no direct supervision
  • Strong observation skills and record keeping


Other Requirements

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older
  • Required time commitment - 3 x 2 hour shifts per month


Working Conditions

Volunteer role is completed both inside and outside in all weather.

  • Working with and knowledge of Leashes, collars
  • Works in areas with periodic strong odours and high noise levels in regards to barking and other animal related noises.
  • Works with some risk of injury on slippery floors.
  • Works in both climate controlled temperature conditions and outside temperature conditions.
  • Potentially exposed to bites, scratches, infections, and infectious diseases.
  • Required physical effort for a long period of time, walking, lifting and bending.



Time Frame

Monday through Friday shifts are 10:00am to 12:00pm

Saturday and Sunday shifts are 10:30-12:30



  • Volunteers are required to complete in person Orientation and hands on training session
  • Complete 2-3 shadow shifts on site with a staff member or experienced Canine Companion volunteer.




Be part of a team that values the health, wellness and safety of all animals in our communities and beyond


Set our dogs on the path to finding their forever homes! In this role you will help the dogs in our care learn new skills through training. You will provide loving, enriching and supportive care for each dog showing them how special they are!



  • Learn about positive reinforcement training in a Shelter Environment
  • Gain experience in animal care
  • Gain comfort in working with various breeds and size of dogs


Support and Supervision

Volunteers will work under indirect supervision of volunteer coordinator or designated staff member working with volunteers to ensure health and safety of both volunteers and staff.