Airfield Light Repair

The Rockcliffe Flying Club is looking for individuals who would be able to repair our airfield night lighting system on an on-demand basis. We estimate that a pool of three individuals would be sufficient.

The runway lighting system consists of three components:

  1. An ARCAL control unit, installed at the museum. This component is separately maintained,
  2. An underground wiring distribution system – if we encounter difficulties with the wiring then we use the services of an electrician (you could assist in these repairs),
  3. The runway, threshold, and taxiway lights – these components require ongoing attention, and are the primary area where you will be spending your time.

The on-ground lighting components suffer from exposure to the elements, burned-out light bulbs, and physical damage. They are checked daily for correct operation by our team of Airport Inspectors. Upon receipt of an inspection report that we have a malfunctioning light, we would contact the repair group to have the unit repaired. The group will self-decide on who is available to perform the repair.

In most cases, the repair consists of nothing more than replacing a light bulb – which may require the use of a screw-driver. In the case of physical damage, we replace the lighting unit with a spare, and then rebuild the damaged unit and return it to the spares inventory. You’ll also keep inventory of the spare parts, and the club will re-order on your request.

All work is done in the day (there is no need to perform immediate repairs at night). The lighting system is low-voltage – there is no danger of getting electrocuted. Tools are supplied by the club.