Men's Home Fellowship & Meals

WHAT WILL YOU DO: Provide or cook a meal for the residents of the men's home or both the men's home and women's home residents. Feel free to fellowship with the men and women residents and ask them about their walks with the Lord. They are willing to share their stories about how they got to DFH. 

WHEN AND HOW OFTEN:  The times for these are either Saturday or Sunday dinner time and are scheduled ahead of time with the kitchen manager. This can happen once or twice a month or quarter. 

WHO MAY VOLUNTEER:  Perfect for Bible Studies, church ministry or home group. If you are a family with children 5 and over, or a single man.

WHAT DO I WEAR: Please wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes. Jeans and a t-shirt are an excellent selection.  Please be mindful of the graphics on the shirts, we ask that t-shirts not advertise secular bands or anything with alcohol/drugs related.

Please wear gloves (we will provide them!) whenever handling food. 

Anyone with long hair is asked to put their hair up.  Hats are welcomed in the kitchen.

No special skills are required.

WHERE WILL THIS BE: The men's home is located at 3083 Trails End Aubrey, TX 76227