Friends - Committee Support - Education Committee

Education is at the heart of our mission to foster an environmental ethic and we recognize that youth education is a priority. Education infrastructure and transportation to deliver more programs to schoolchildren is a critical need that is at the heart of our mission. Public schools face continuing budget limitations and often have to reduce or eliminate enrichment programs and field trips. The Refuge has an important role to play with curriculum, program enrichment, and cultivating young minds and hearts. At this time, the opportunities exceed our capacity and we must build partnerships with educational organizations, beginning with the Albuquerque Public Schools, in order to develop and deliver programs. While we work with the local Mountain View Elementary School, the Refuge would like to expand educational programs for middle- and high-school students in the future.


Do you have a few hours a month and/or expertise and skills that you can contribute to:


  • Provide volunteer support for Refuge educational programs
  • Jr. Duck Stamp Art Contest
  • Birds of a Feather education program with Mountain View Elementary School
  • Life Along the Rio Grande middle school education program in partnership with Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Participate in an Educator’s Advisory Council
  • Purchase and deliver food and snacks for student trips throughout the year (will be reimbursed)
  • Help with contacts and building relationships with APS middle schools
  • Help build relationships with other education communities and organizations (Boy Scouts, 4H, etc.)
  • Help establish a Junior arm of the Friends of VDONWR which can be extended to all Friends organizations
  • Provide adult education and family programming workshops (Native Plants, Medicinal Plants/Uses, Photography, etc.

Qualifications Required

  • Current Friends Member Must be Yes