Friends - Committee Support - Communications/Outreach Committee

We face a continuing challenge to reach out to potential visitors, engage our stakeholders, and significantly increase our donor base. We are currently in the process of developing an integrated plan to communicate effectively with multiple audiences and convey who we are, what VDONWR offers, and why it matters. There are many good organizations bringing their messages to the public, potential donors, businesses, and other key stakeholders. In this crowded environment of competing messages, we will only be successful through diligent effort. We must become more skilled in communicating with our audiences, supporters, & stakeholders.


Do you have a few hours a month and/or expertise and skills that you can contribute to:


  • Identify partners, corporate sponsors, and target groups with strategies to attract their involvement
  • Train interested members in the skills of outreach and ambassadorship
  • Participate in a Speaker’s bureau to spread the word about the Refuge, attract members and communicate volunteer opportunities
  • Develop flyers, videos, and marketing materials
  • Help with regular posting on Social Media and in the Valle de Oro Discover Nature App
  • Write conservation themed articles for the quarterly newsletter
  • Contribute to and/or establish a photo database

Qualifications Required

  • Current Friends Member Must be Yes