Friends - Committee Support - Refuge Development Committee

Over the next five years, critical infrastructure and facilities will move into the planning phase and some will begin to take form. For example, Visitor Center construction and phased wetland restoration is scheduled to begin in winter 2018! FVDO can support the physical development of the Refuge and support Refuge community initiatives that improve access, transportation links, and community quality of life and engagement through advocacy, securing funds, program development and support, and volunteers.


Do you have a few hours a month and/or expertise and skills that you can contribute to:


  • Support Refuge build out initiatives and continuing improvements including a community based mosaic tile gateway  project  and habitat restoration efforts (planning, planting, weeding)
  • Provide advocacy and secure funding for related neighborhood development including transportation and planning projects that connect the Refuge with the Albuquerque community such as a Paseo del Bosque recreational trail extension to VDO, a bus top, RailRunner stop, and 2nd Street multi-use trail project.
  • Provide support for Refuge initiatives which address community concerns related the Refuge including implementing the VDO Environmental and Economic Justice Strategic Plan
  • Create and administer programs to expand the Refuge’s impact beyond its physical boundaries and involve the community in conservation by promoting and enlisting local businesses in a Dark Skies Certification program, participating in 2nd Street cleanup efforts, and developing and administering a (Backyard) native habitat certification program.

Qualifications Required

  • Current Friends Member Must be Yes