Animal Fostering Program

What is the “Cowtown Crashpads” Foster Program?

 The Cowtown Crashpad foster program was established to help provide temporary housing for our shelter animals that are not immediately ready socially, developmentally, and/or medically for adoption.  Private volunteers (foster parents) help increase the adoptability of these shelter animals by providing care and a foster home during this time of transition from the shelter to a potential adopter’s home. 

What types of animals are placed in our foster program?

 Our foster program typically consists of animals that may thrive better in a home environment than in a shelter environment and/or require extra care.  The following types of animals are supported in our foster program:

  • Mother dogs/cats with puppies/kittens
  • Puppies and kittens that are too young to be adopted
  • Senior dogs/cats that would thrive better in an home environment rather than remain paralyzed with stress from the shelter environment
  • Injured, sick, and/or post-surgery animals that require special care medically
  • Young adult animals needing more socialization, structure, and/or training
  • Animals suffering “shelter stress” that need a place to “decompress” from the stress of being in a shelter and patience to help develop socially to a home environment

What does the shelter provide and what does a foster parent provide?

 The Shelter does provide all vaccinations (that are age appropriate), spay/neuters, microchipping, and pre-authorized vet care.  Currently, food and/or other basic care supplies are provided by donations (depending on availability).  Crates are also available upon request and depend upon availability.  We provide adoption promotion via events, social media, and/or adoption centers.

You provide the basic care; food, exercise, space, socialization (including events), training, and love. 


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