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Volunteers serve many important roles at CommuniCare that enable us to meet our mission – serving patients/clients and their families. As you know, volunteers have been at the heart of what we do since 1972. In response to COVID-19, CommuniCare has led the way in implementing safety measures in order to keep our employees, volunteers, and patients safe, and to minimize potential spread of COVID-19.


To achieve our top priority - safety for all - the volunteer program is currently:

  • Working with program managers to transition as many existing volunteer positions as possible into remote/virtual volunteer roles.
  • Working to create new remote/virtual volunteer positions in response to some new challenges we face as a healthcare organization - challenges that didn’t exist before COVID-19.
  • In the long term, we will continue using guidelines from State and Local Health Officials, the CDC, and CAL/OSHA to create infrastructure for in-person volunteers to return to CommuniCare clinics and satellite locations, when we can safely do so.


We are taking the time to do it right. We want to be able to:

  • Continue to offer volunteers opportunities that will provide meaningful experiences - so volunteers can explore their interests and use their education, skills and abilities to have a positive impact on the community
  • Ensure that the opportunities provide potential for volunteers to achieve personal and/or professional growth and learning
  • Implement proper infrastructure for on-site volunteers that will not add to the duties of clinic staff or providers, or otherwise adversely affect patient experience.
  • Continue to provide high-quality healthcare services to our patients – which is our number one priority (after safety!)


We continue to accept new volunteer applications, and we are happy to hear from you. Please let us know what questions you have


We will get through this challenging time together!





Founded as an all-volunteer run free clinic in 1972, CommuniCare Health Centers continues to welcome the contributions of volunteers and students at every level of care.


CommuniCare is proud to offer opportunities for Volunteers and Students to complement the delivery of high-quality services, to help engage the community in its mission, and to serve as a teaching and learning environment for future leaders and providers in healthcare.


CommuniCare Health Centers provides an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity and life experience. CommuniCare welcomes the contribution of volunteers of all backgrounds including, but not limited to, Black, indigenous, people of color, immigrants, refugees, women, LGBTQI, people with disabilities, veterans, individuals of all ages and religions, as well as those who have experienced the criminal justice system

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New Volunteer Orientation (Virtual) 12 10/5/2022 10/31/2022

Mission Statement

Our Mission


CommuniCare Health Centers’ mission is rooted in the underlying philosophy that health care is a right, not a privilege.


Our mission is characterized by the following commitments:

  • We provide comprehensive and high-quality health care to anyone in our community, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.


  • We deliver health care in a supportive, safe environment emphasizing patient partnership, wellness and preventive health in all our services.


  • We invest in employees, learners and volunteers at all levels of the organization, as they are the foundation and heart of the work we do.

NCQA patient centered medical home

HRSA FTCA deemed facility

CommuniCare Health Centers provides an inclusive environment that promotes and values diversity and life experience.  CommuniCare encourages people of all backgrounds to bring their unique perspectives, skills, and talents to volunteer and student roles including, but not limited to those who identify as: Black, indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+ persons, immigrants, refugees, women, people with disabilities, veterans, individuals of all ages and religions, as well as those who have experienced the criminal justice system.