Appropriate Adult Volunteer - Glos & Wilts.

The Appropriate Adult service was launched back in 1993, and is a 24 hour county-wide service. It provides trained volunteers to act as 'Appropriate Adults' for young people under the age of 18, and adults with mental health or learning difficulties, when held in police custody, if or when parents, guardians or care workers are unable or unwilling to attend (as required by law).

When a juvenile, or an adult with mental health or learning difficulties, is arrested and held in police custody, the CCP Appropriate Adult coordinator will receive a call from the Police, Youth Support Service or the Emergency Duty Team. The coordinator will then contact a rota of volunteers to find someone able to attend.

The Appropriate Adult's role is to assist the Detained Person to ensure that they understand what is happening during the interview and investigative stages. In particular this includes:

  • Providing support, advice and assistance
  • Ensuring the police act fairly and respect the rights of the individual being interviewed
  • Help communication between the interviewee, the police and others

N.B. The Appropriate Adult is not there to provide the interviewee with legal advice.

This role is available in Gloucestershire, based at the Gloucester Custody Suite and Wiltshire, based at Swindon and Melksham Custody Suites.

For more information, please view the document below:

AA Volunter Pathway