Other (Administration, Events, Foodshare etc.)

Administration - joining the Support Services function, there are many general office duties that a volunteer can help with. You can choose the day and hours when you are available. From reception duties or working on the help desk at Cheltenham First Stop to helping out in Support Services at CCP's main office at 340 High Street, your volunteering will really make a difference. If you are not sure about which area you would like to work in, administration could be a great way of finding out more about how CCP works.

For more information, please view the following: Support Services Volunteer Pathway

CCP FoodShare is an emergency foodbank for people and families in times of crisis. These are generally ordinary people who suddenly find themselves facing poverty and hunger due to loss of salary, change in benefits, unexpected large bills, illness or family breakdown. The FoodShare scheme provides food parcels to cover the immediate crisis or to give support in the intervening period before statutory agencies can begin ongoing longer term assistance. In an average year, we will distribute around 800 food parcels from Cheltenham 1st Stop and through the network of CCP support workers in Gloucestershire and further afield.

Various events take place throughout the year to raise fund for CCP's vital work such as the Cheltenham Challenge and Hamper Scamper.

For more information, please view the document here: Events Admin Volunteer Pathway