Caring for Communities and People

We all have the power to change our lives for the better, but some of us need help along the way.

CCP believes in making a difference. We believe in a society where everyone can transform their lives and realise their aspirations and our priority is to support those who have serious and immediate need, equipping them to meet the demands of an ever-evolving society.

As a CCP volunteer, you will be very much at the core of what we do, with the opportunity to access professional training, contribute your ideas to how our services and organisation runs and engage in regular social events. 

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Accommodation Based Support (ABS) - Supported accommodation for young people

Would you like to support young people (usually 16-17 years old) who are under local authority care to live independently? This is what the Independent Living Service for Young Homeless People is all about.

CCP runs a number of supported accommodation units for young people in the following areas:

  • Bournemouth
  • Cheltenham
  • The Forest of Dean
  • South Gloucestershire
  • Stroud

Volunteers are needed in a variety of roles to help support the staff providing the service to young people in these locations. 

You'll be working with individuals either in a CCP accommodation unit, in their family setting or out in the community. Activities will include developing independent living skills, sports and social activities. Volunteers may also attend appointments and meetings with residents and/or provide advice and guidance necessary to increase independence.

Activity Shifts Start End
Helping young people to live independently 1

Appropriate Adult Service - Supporting people in custody

This service is available throughout Gloucestershire, Melksham and Swindon.

CCPs's Appropriate Adult Service has operated in Gloucestershire since 1993 and Wiltshire since 2014.  This 24 hour countywide service operates a team of trained volunteers to act as “Appropriate Adults” for young people aged 17 and under and adults with mental health or learning disabilities when held in police custody, and whose parents, guardians or carers are unable or unwilling to attend (as required by law).
The Appropriate Adult’s role is to ensure legal rights are upheld, provide non-judgmental moral support and monitor the welfare of the young person or vulnerable adult during police interview and whilst held in the cells.  Appropriate Adults attend over 850 calls per year and spend an average of 3 hours on each.
When a juvenile or an adult with mental health or learning disabilities is arrested and held in police custody, the CCP Appropriate Adult coordinator will receive a call from the Police, Youth Support Service or the Emergency Duty Team. The coordinator will then contact volunteers to find someone able to attend.
There are many factors that increase the chances of young people or vulnerable adults committing crimes, including a troubled home life, poor attainment at school, truancy and school exclusion, drug or alcohol misuse, mental illness, deprivation, poor housing or homelessness, peer pressure and lack of parenting skills. CCP is able to offer a range of services to young people and their families aimed at preventing further offending by tackling these risk factors.

Full training and on-going support is provided. The AA volunteer does not offer legal advice, they facilitate the communication between the detained person and the Police, ensuring the detained person's welfare needs are met, their rights are upheld and any additional needs are communicated to custody staff. They help the detained person understand the process and help ensure that process is conducted fairly and that the outcomes are clearly understood by the detained person.

The AA service operates a weekly rota from 9am to 10pm in three shifts. Volunteers can select a shift pattern to suit their individual needs.

AA Volunteer Role Description

Activity Shifts Start End
Appropriate Adult Gloucestershire 1
Appropriate Adult Melksham 1
Appropriate Adult Swindon 1

Family Services

Our Family Services team provides a range of help to support children, young people and families when they are facing a crisis and have nobody else to turn to. We support people experiencing difficulty in coping with family life and social situations, frequently working in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies to co-ordinate and deliver a program of focused interventions. We are committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to provide an effective and focused client-led service.

Activity Shifts Start End
Family Support Volunteer - 3 Roles 1

Our Volunteering Mission

                   CCP's aim is simple - To Transform Lives                              

We are an 'Investing in Volunteers' accredited Charity which engages hundreds of volunteers each year to support our Mission. 

Each year, our volunteers donate over 30,000 hours across our services. 

In turn we are proud to have been part of our volunteers' individual journeys towards improving their skills, confidence or simply giving them a means to make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged people. 

Volunteer and change lives - maybe even your own!