Tween Council at Kenton Library (in-person, age 9-12)

Students grades 3rd-6th meet to get involved at neighborhood libraries. Tween councils meet twice monthly and work with library staff to help improve services for tweens. This is an opportunity to help the library improve the collection for tweens, plan tween activities, develop library displays and help with library events, and generally facilitate a way to get tween input and involvement in the library. Meeting other Tween Council members is an added bonus.


  • A fun, simple way to earn volunteer hours  

  • A chance to eat free (yummy) snacks

  • A venue for meeting new people outside of school  

  • A way to be a part of your library

  • An opportunity to collaborate on or lead group projects 

  • A place to plan a community event or advocate for a cause  

  • A safe place to be yourself!


Location: Kenton Library, 8226 N Denver, Portland, OR 97217


Time Commitment:  2 meetings per month, 90 minutes each


Age Requirement: 9 - 12 years old


Meeting Dates & Time: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 4:30-6:00 PM


Tasks & Responsibilities 

  • Respect and support other council members
  • Participate in meetings and in tween council brainstorming and activities
  • Learn how to contribute ideas and get things done
  • Chance to organize and facilitate council meetings and library events
  • Identify ways that adults can help improve the library for tweens


Skills & Qualifications

  • Ability to work with other tweens
  • Dependability


Training & Other Requirements

  • Training will be provided at the library as needed
  • A volunteer application must be completed in order to earn service hours



  • Build skills in event planning and evaluation
  • Find a community of people who care about the same issues you do 
  • Learn from others who have different life experiences and opinions
  • Connect with people in your neighborhood
  • Get service hours for school
  • Opportunities to collaborate on or lead group projects  
  • Opportunities to plan a community event or advocate for a cause 
  • A safe place to be yourself.