Ward support officer

Volunteer Tasks & Responsibilities  


    • Answering telephone calls and taking messages 
    • Preparing patient property (where directed) to be returned to patient’s family 
    • Making tea/coffee, serving refreshments to patients 
    • Helping patients to fill out menu cards, except where a patient has dietary needs requiring guidance from staff 
    • Assisting patients to prepare for meals and ensuring they have everything they need. (Not including the moving and handling of patients). To tidy the patients table if needed. 
    • Assist staff in serving meals, taking trays to patients. Volunteers must never feed patients. 
    • Assist staff with supplies - Top up gloves, aprons, syringes and alcohol gels and assist staff in unpacking deliveries 
    • Engage and provide companionship to patients  
    • Acting as a runner e.g collecting supplies from other parts of the hospital for the ward. 


Skills Required 


  • Must be reliable
  • Good and confident verbal communicator
  • Adaptable & Helpful
  • Supportive & Patient

The Role does not allow a volunteer to:


  • Get involved in any domestic duties including bed making or cleaning 
  • Speak to a patient’s relative to update on their condition 
  • Feed patients
  • Take patients to the toilet 
  • Support a patient’s weight beyond a steadying hand or arm 
  • Exchange personal details with patients or visitors 
  • Take on any clinical tasks 
  • Enter isolation rooms or bays