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ATTENTION COMMUNITY SERVICE: Follow these steps for successfully signing up for community service. Your time to do community service will be delayed if you do not follow the steps and complete the required background check that is required for all volunteers (except bell ringers). Thank you!

1. Select from below to volunteer at the Thrift Store "Volunteering at the Thrift Store"

2. From the Thrift Store Volunteer page go to "Fill in Application"

3. You will then create a username, enter your email

4. The first page of the volunteer application you will create a password and then fill in basic contact info

5. The second page you will need to select your age group, how much you can lift comfortably, two references, information about your Community Service and two questions about felony or misdemeanor charges.

6. IMPORTANT PART: After you submit you will be taken to a third page. Scroll down a bit you will find a large red box. Within that box is a link. Click this link to be taken for the background check through Sterling. (Background checks are required of all volunteers except bell ringing. We serve a vulnerable population and this protects them, you and The Salvation Army. Thank you.)

7. Create an account, (because you can't do anything online without creating an account). You will then e-sign, approve and acknowledge the background check, then fill in your basic contact info. Verify everything is accurate and true then you will submit. 

8. The process should take about 10 minutes to complete depending on how fast you type. It will then take about 24-48 hours to get the approval back for you to volunteer. Once I receive your all clear I will email your approval letter and instructions. Please let me know if you have any questions.

9. Here is a video on how to sign up if you’d like to watch it: 

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Community Service Volunteer 1

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Mission Statement

We will seek to serve our community, in an open and compassionate manner, to bring others into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.