The Food Mobile

The Food Mobile


Objective: The Food Mobile is used to create a positive guest experience that involves as much choice as possible. The Food Mobile will be used to serve neighborhoods and communities in and near Santa Fe. The Food Mobile has the capacity to provide enough food for a distribution to <100 households.


Location: Varies according to site.


Supervisor: Volunteer Coordinator, Pauline Montoya or Programs Coordinator, Mary Ocampo


Key Responsibilities:  

  • Greet and welcome every person in every car, especially during registration.
  • Hands out the menu (on a clipboard with a pen) to each car and provides an explanation of how to fill out the menu.
  • Hand out flyers for next Food Mobile and alternative distributions, as well as any other announcements and updates.
  • Traffic Control if the food mobile line is long, ensure that cars are parking in appropriate and designated areas.
  • Engage with clients respectfully to answer any/all questions, as needed.
  • Instruct cars to hand their completed menu to the people at the bus once they drive up.
  • A “runner” can collect menus from clients and bring them to the staff in the bus who are pulling orders.
  • Direct clients to park their car in a designated spot while their order is fulfilled.



  • Clear and effective communicator
  • Flexible schedule
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Bilingual/biliterate is encouraged, but not required


Dress Code: Closed-toed, non-slip shoes; clean long pants or shorts (depending on elements) and The Food Depot logoed sleeved shirts;


Time Commitment: One or more shift a month at the location or your preference.


Schedule Intervals: The Food Mobile is generally 3-4 days a week, Tuesday – Friday.