Mobile Food Pantry



Mobile Food Pantry Volunteer Job Description


Objective: Rural Northern New Mexico has a high number of ‘food deserts’, where residents have limited access to full-service grocery stores that offer the fresh produce and affordable foods necessary to maintain a healthy diet. The Mobile Food Pantry program seeks to eliminate hunger in rural, isolated communities throughout Northern New Mexico. This program provides an avenue by which nutritious food can be provided free of charge to families and individuals in need. Providing this much needed food improves the health and lives of the most vulnerable people of rural Northern New Mexico, many of them seniors and children.


The Mobile Food Pantry operates like a bookmobile. The Food Depot, with the help of community volunteers, distributes food directly from the delivery truck with no need for long-term storage. This service reaches communities that do not have the resources to set up their own food pantries.


The program also offers a venue for other services essential to well-being such as health screenings, flu shots and nutrition education.


Location: Varies according to the site.


Supervisor: Volunteer Coordinator, Pauline Montoya or Program Development Specialist, Billie Secular


Key Responsibilities:  

  • Greet and welcome every person in every car or walkup guest, especially during registration.
  • Hand out flyers for next MFP and alternative distributions, as well as any other announcements and updates.
  • Traffic Control to ensure that cars are parking in appropriate and designated areas or driving through correct path.
  • Engage with clients respectfully to answer any/all questions, as needed.
  • Place prepacked food or produce into vehicles for guests, according to number of households.



  • Clear and effective communicator
  • Flexible schedule
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Bilingual/biliterate is encouraged, but not required


Dress Code: Closed-toed, non-slip shoes; clean long pants or shorts (depending on elements) and The Food Depot logoed sleeved shirts.


Time Commitment: One or more shift a month at the location or your preference.


Schedule Intervals: Varies depending on MFP.