Turquoise Trail Charter School




Turquoise Trail Charter School  


Objective:  The Food Depot in partnership with Kids Kitchen has a wonderful opportunity to serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks to the children of Turquoise Trail Charter School. Kids Kitchen is in the process of partnering with Pueblo Fruits to get additional local produce for the children. We anticipate serving about 900 meals daily, impacting nearly 450 children. We are so excited to provide children with incredible tasting and nutritious meals. And to top it off, this year is the first time we will be able to serve these children in person.


Location: 13 San Marcos Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87508


Supervisor: Kids Kitchen Staff or Russell Johnson, Executive Chef


Key Responsibilities:  

  • Reports to assigned shifts consistently and gives advanced notice for absences to Volunteer Department at The Food Depot
  • Reports to work with good personal hygiene and prepared to follow dress code for food safety reasons
  • Follows food safety protocols to serve prepared food in a timely manner
  • Helps with dishes, cleaning and setting tables for part of scheduled shift, as needed
  • Closely follows instructions from kitchen staff to stay in compliance with the requirements for contracted meal reimbursement


  • Ability to lift 50 pounds and open large #10 cans (that hold over 100 oz.) with a can opener
  • Sure-footed and able to stand for an entire 2.5-hour shift
  • Ability to complete repetitive motions, bend, lift and twist
  • Ability to safely work with knives
  • Desire to provide healthy, nutritious meals to children
  • Willingness to work alongside aspiring nutrition professionals
  • Ability and willingness to work as part of a staff/volunteer team
  • Ability to pass a background screening using public records (CYFD)
  • 16 years and older; prior commercial kitchen experience not necessary (but helpful!)


Required Training: Food Safety for Handlers Training (an online training paid for by Kids Kitchen).


Additional Requirements: Must have an active CYFD background check. Currently, must also show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.


Dress Code: Closed-toed, non-slip shoes; clean long pants or shorts (depending on the task) and The Food Depot logoed sleeved shirts; hair pulled back into hairnet; excessive or dangly jewelry removed.


Time Commitment: One scheduled 2.5 hour shift per week or several 2 hour shifts per month. Due to the training involved, we ask for at least a biweekly commitment. Shifts take place from 10:30 AM to 1 PM.


Schedule Intervals: Shifts are daily, Monday through Friday.