ESL Tutor

Help new refugees learn English through weekly sessions, concentrating on basic and conversational English. ESL Volunteers help refugees communicate with their neighbors, employers and service providers and are critical in long-term success.

ESL Volunteers need to be good listeners, patient, and creative in their approach to learning. ESL Volunteers may help as an individual tutor or within formal ESL classroom. As an ESL Volunteer, we will ask that you:

  • Tutor refugees 1-1 or in small group settings, promoting language skills needed to obtain and retain employment, navigate their communities, and achieve self-sufficiency
  • For more advanced students, tutor English language skills related to reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, and comprehension
  • Assess comprehension and selects appropriate vocabulary and lesson plans accordingly
  • Identify and offer resources and opportunities for English language learning to students
  • Create a welcoming and safe space for learning and cross-cultural sharing

In particular, we are looking for folks who are TESOL-certified and/or have experience teaching or tutoring folks with limited English proficiency.