9. Fundrive - 2022 Mandatory Fundrive Meeting

Fundrive is an important project of CJSF Radio and it is coming up quickly - October 31 - November 6, 2022. The support and participation of all programmers is required and the first step is to attend one of the mandatory Fundrive workshops to learn what is expected of you, why we fundraise, how we do it, and the particular details of this year's campaign.

At least ONE representative from each program needs to attend ONE of the mandatory Fundrive workshop sessions. Attendance will be taken, and programs that do not participate will, in time, be removed from the schedule.

Workshop Dates as follows: 

Wednesday, October 5th - 7pm on Zoom
Saturday, October 8th - 11am on Zoom
Tuesday, October 11th - 7pm on Zoom

Qualifications Required

  • 1.0 Completed Orientation Must be Yes