STOP-IT Program - Drop-in Center Volunteer



The drop in center provides a safe space in the Chicago loop for participants to build community and have access to additional services.  Current activities include: employment assistance, access to social service benefits, arts/crafts, video games, sharing a meal and simply providing a place to relax. We are currently expanding the drop in to provide more structured programming, and are seeking volunteers to support these efforts. Structured programming will include: life skills classes, GED tutoring, incentives programming, therapeutic groups, and more. Some training requirements may apply.




Drop-In Volunteer

Under the supervision of STOP IT staff or interns, the Drop-In Volunteer helps create a safe, welcoming environment where participants will feel comfortable. The Drop-In Volunteer will be expected to assist participants with whatever they are working on and will be responsible for assisting in whatever set up/ tear down of the space is necessary.


Drop-In Resource Advocate

Under the supervision of STOP IT staff or interns, the Drop-In Resource Advocate will assist program participants in accessing any resources as needed, including but not limited to housing resources, social service benefits, job applications and any other resources that a participant may need.  Drop-In Resource Advocate may also be required to assist with the tracking and implementation of the incentives programming.  Knowledge of Chicago-area social service resources preferred, though not necessary for this position.



Provide the afternoon evening meal to drop in participants.  The meal can either be dropped off day of, or prepared at the drop in space, to be determined by the drop-in coordinator.  This opportunity would be appropriate for individuals or small groups.



If you or your organization have a particular skill or area of expertise you would like to share with our participants, please contact Jennifer Harvey, Youth Development Manager for the STOP IT program.  She can most easily be reached at



The drop-in center is open on Tuesdays (1pm-8pm) and Thursdays (1pm-5pm) in the Chicago Loop. Volunteers are asked to either take day shifts from 12:30pm-4:30/5pm (most often needed) or evening shifts (4:30pm/5pm-8:30pm). Volunteers will commit to a set number of hours per month as determined with the Drop-In Coordinator.  The exact amount of required hours/days needed is still being determined and will vary from position to position. 



  1. Must volunteer for a period of three months on the hotline before volunteering at the drop-in center.
  2. Provide information and referrals to participants when appropriate.
  3. Set up, clean up, and break down the space as needed.
  4. Volunteers may either volunteer in the drop-in center OR as a mentor. Not both.




  1. A commitment to the mission of The Salvation Army and an appreciation of faith-based service organizations.
  2. Attention to detail, procedures, processes and policies.
  3. A communication style that exhibits the principles and values of STOP-IT, communicates information appropriately, as well as fostering team relationships.
  4. A developing knowledge of human trafficking and the principles of social work.
  5. A developing knowledge of how to effectively work with diversity with clients.
  6. Must be sensitive to and work appropriately with culturally and socio-economically diverse client populations.
  7. An interpersonal style that is service oriented.
  8. A flexible style that also displays a willingness to learn.
  9. Experience with computer processing programs, including Microsoft Word and Excel, and Adobe.
  10. Ability to assess immediacy of need and provide appropriate referrals and contacts.
  11. Minimum of a high school diploma or GED.



Each potential volunteer will be required to complete the following:

  • Volunteer Application
  • Background Check
  • Volunteer Training
  • Hotline Training Session
  • Group Interview
  • Individual Interview



If interested, please complete the volunteer application. The volunteer manager will contact applications to register for the next training upon receipt. Additional paperwork will be completed at the training. Attending the training does not guarantee acceptance into the volunteer program. Goodness of fit will be assessed before and during the training.

For questions, please email STOP-IT's volunteer program at

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check