CHALLENGES - Memorise with Musaa


Musaa is 6 years old and loves to cook and bake! Musaa was sad to learn that people in Yemen did not have enough to eat and drink so decided he was going to do something about it!

His mum contacted SKT Welfare to create a fundraising page and Musaa had the idea to memorise Surah Mulk to raise money. Masha'Allah Musaa memorised the whole surah in 2 weeks and raised £2628. But Musaa knew he needed to do more. So next he memorised Surah Rahmaan and raised £2563 for Safe Haven homes in Syria.


But now you too can Memorise with Musaa and raise money for a vulnerable child with their Hifz education!


Step 1 – Sign up now and receive your free fundraising kit in the post, including a money box for you to decorate!


Step 2 – Fundraise £786 for a complete sponsorship of a child. This will cover their Hifz education needs for 3 years! (you even get to have your own Giving Together page to raise funds)


Step 3 – Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have memorised your chosen Surah!

Qualifications Required

  • Commitment to Fundraise Must be at least £786

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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