CHALLENGES - A gift for Their Akhirah

Send your loved ones a Gift for Their Akhirah by fundraising for our water hand pump project. £150 will build a water hand pump, providing clean drinking water to a vulnerable family in Pakistan.

This project is one of our most popular and is Zakat, Sadaqah Jariah and Lillah eligible and also comes with a personalised plaque. 

The first 500 built from 15/03/2021 will also be built by the end of Ramadan!

Qualifications Required

  • Commitment to Fundraise Must be at least £150

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - All Day
  • Tuesday - All Day
  • Wednesday - All Day
  • Thursday - All Day
  • Friday - All Day
  • Saturday - All Day
  • Sunday - All Day