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At heart, SKT Welfare are a group of compassionate, honest and hard-working humanitarians. We believe that everyone - no matter their race, religion or gender - deserves a chance at a happy, fulfilling life.

Over the past decade, we have provided urgent aid and sustainable relief to millions of disadvantaged people across the globe. Our projects focus on emergency relief, food, water, healthcare, education, orphan care and seasonal aid, such as winter emergency response and Qurbani donations. We serve some of the most vulnerable people in the world; those affected - through no fault of their own - by conflict, poverty and natural disasters.

Our guiding vision is of a world where everyone is cared for, and able to live a sustainable life, free from extreme poverty. As an Islamic charity, we are led by an unshakeable faith and a strong desire to help the most vulnerable, following in the footsteps of the Prophet (saw).

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A gift for Their Akhirah 1
Ben Nevis 7-8th August 2021 1 8/7/2021 8/8/2021
Big Bake Sale 1
Couch to 5k 1
Live Off a Food Parcel 1
Mudnificent 7 1 8/7/2021 8/7/2021
Spreading Smiles Through Miles 1

Volunteering with SKT Welfare


Volunteers have been at the heart of our work since the inception of SKT Welfare 10 years ago.

Their unrelenting enthusiasm and hard work arising from their compassion towards humanity is what has propelled the charity’s fundraising efforts to such success, and allowed us to make a lasting impact on the many lives that their efforts touch.

Volunteerism is the glue that binds people with their surroundings and the global community, through which SKT Welfare is breaking down barriers between individuals living in the UK, Europe, US and those in need around the world. Connected by their humanity and a deep desire to serve, volunteers are gifted with a perspective and an empathy that can be attained in few other ways.

Our volunteers are at the forefront when it comes to organising innovative fundraising challenges, marathons, dinners, tea parties, skydiving, zipline; as well as setting up their own initiatives to raise funds for their chosen projects.