A practical job! we need help leaning chai pots, lemonade eskies, emptying bins etc between markets

After each market the Lemon and Chai stall equipment need a big clean, and the tablecloths and tea towels etc need a wash.

We are looking for one or two people to help with this - you can either take them straight home at the end of the market, or pick them up later from storage.  Once they're clean and dry you can drop them back to storage or bring them to the next market bright and early.  (There isn't any running water at storage hence why it needs to be done elsewhere.)

This role needs a car or van, or you could team up with someone who does.

You can do Lemonade or Chai, or both, depending on your time and car size.

And you don't need to commit to every month - ad hoc is awesome too.