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Do you want to volunteer for;

  • Alive Fest
  • Sydney Vegan Market
  • Sydney Vegan Nights
  • Newcastle Vegan Market, or
  • Vegan NSW in general?

Thank you! You're in the right place!  

At Vegan NSW we rely on volunteers for almost everything we do, whether it's running our amazing events, advocating for animals, or supporting people to live their best vegan life - it's all about the vegan movement growing and thriving, and our volunteers are essential for this.

We value your time and commitment and hope that you will learn something new, experience our wonderful community and meet other like-minded people during all your volunteer experiences. 

Being safe and legally compliant is important to us (we can't afford a fine!) so heads up that we follow all laws and regulations, including the COVID-19 Public Health Orders, when applicable.

We will always ask for your feedback so that we can continue to get better and reach our goals! 

We offer a great Volunteer Rewards Program, training and support for all roles, briefings on the day, free lemonade & chai - and most importantly heaps of puppy cuddles!

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Help out at Sydney Vegan Market

Sydney Vegan Market happens monthly and there are soooo many ways to be part of the team!

You can help with:

  • operations on the day
  • running our outreach, vegan info & support, and fundraising stalls
  • activations like the stage, yoga, kids tent
  • behind the scenes roles like social media and admin

At the moment we really, really need people to help with

  • the traffic team (6-8am or 3.45-6pm)
  • chai stall team leader (this role is both behind the scenes and on the day)
  • day before set up (1-3pm)

A practical job! we need help leaning chai pots, lemonade eskies, emptying bins etc between markets

After each market the Lemon and Chai stall equipment need a big clean, and the tablecloths and tea towels etc need a wash.

We are looking for one or two people to help with this - you can either take them straight home at the end of the market, or pick them up later from storage.  Once they're clean and dry you can drop them back to storage or bring them to the next market bright and early.  (There isn't any running water at storage hence why it needs to be done elsewhere.)

This role needs a car or van, or you could team up with someone who does.

You can do Lemonade or Chai, or both, depending on your time and car size.

And you don't need to commit to every month - ad hoc is awesome too.

Are you up for leading a team?

If you are a people leader or want to develop these skills let us know!

We have many Team Leader roles at every event, and Behind the Scenes:

  • Ops Team Leads
    • Set Up Team
    • Pack Down Team
    • Bump in Team
    • Bump Out team
    • Site-Wide Team
    • First Aid Team
    • Info Stall Team
    • Safety Team
    • Transport & Storage Team
  • Stall Teams Leads 
    • The Hub - vegan outreach and support stall
    • Lemonade Stall at SVM & NVM
    • Tees, Chai, Book Stalls at SVM
  • Activations Teams 
    • Kids Tent
    • Mindfulness and yoga
  • Behind the Scenes Team Leads
    • Social media & Comms Team
    • Policy & Advocacy Team

Reaching everyone!!! Comms & Socials Team

Did you know our combined socials have over 60K followers? That's a lot to manage so we need some comms and socials peeps to join the existing team who can:

  • Follow our Marketing Plan and Guidelines
  • Schedule social media posts (we use Loomly) across Sydney Vegan Market/SVM Nights, Newcastle Vegan Market, Alive Festival, Gosford and Vegan NSW
  • Design and send EDMs based on an approved content and schedule (we currently use MailChimp)

Creating Graphic Design Magic

Like to attract a bit of attention???

We need you in our Designer team!

Vegan NSW Mission Statement

Our mission

  • Inspire people to be vegans
  • Support vegans to live their best vegan life
  • Build the vegan movement